Brushtail wool 4ply & 8ply


NZ made and great quality. Brushtale Upcycled possum merino yarn.

4ply or 8ply, each ball is 150m

This yarn is a sustainable choice made from factory offcuts and virgin possum fur and merino wool. Possum fur is a super fibre that has a hollow core, making it exceptionally light and insulating. Merino wool is very fine, soft and helps wick moisture away from the skin, preventing odours and keeping you dry. The blending of these brilliant natural fibres creates beautifully soft yarn, unsurpassed in warmth and durability.

Please note
4ply colours: Shadow, Azure, Shale
8ply colours: Natural, Red, Firefly, Denim, Shale, Azure, Shadow




Natural, Red, Shale, Denim, Shadow, Azure, Firefly


4ply, 8ply